Here are just some of the applications where the MISU screening rotor concept has proven successful in the screening and mixing of materials.

Landscaping / Nursery Supplies

  • Screening of topsoil
  • Compost mixing of lawn clippings and manure
  • Rumble cleaning of rocks
  • Screening of rough bark into finer garden material
Eco/ Green Recycling

  • Screening down green garden/vegetable waste to blend for soil conditioners and mulches.
Building sites

  • Used for quick clean-up of building site waste material, with the advantage of the ability to screen out top soil collected for reuse on site, while out-sorting waste material for recycling. (Reduced tip costs)
Pipe Back Filling

  • Pipe back filling for residential estate, telecommunications channels, water mains and gas pipes.

  • Screening of manure for breaking down and drying of cattle and chicken manure for resale.
Lime / Gypsum

  • Screening/crushing of lime and gypsum deposits.
Lawn Cemeteries

  • Mixing flowers/soil and mulch/soil for garden conditioning.
Local Councils

  • General park / garden applications, road patching via digging and blending material with cement
  • Broken road base screening to reclaim gravel
  • Compost mulching

  • Breaking down bark for garden landscaping and meeting playground specifications.

  • Screening down mudstone for road surfacing.

  • Breaking down salt deposits prior to loading.

  • Recycling old asphalt stockpiles. Recover up to 80% of material
Mine paste plants

  • Screening down tailings material for paste plant mixing and pumping underground.
Aluminium Smelters

  • Screening of anode blocks for lumina material recovery.
Decomposed Granite / Granite Sand

  • Breaking down granite materials for roadbase purposes.

Our screening units are built to stand up to the toughest challenges and have been constructed with this in mind.

MISU screens are well tested at many locations throughout Australia and the world, in varying conditions and many different applications.